Chapman’s Peak Drive



From Noordhoek to Houbay is 9 km drive with 114 curves and breathtaking views. Chapman’s peak is a route that you should not miss. Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and the mountains (to be exact the Constantia Berg, 593m high) around you, you feel like you’re in paradise. Every now and then you need to stop the car, get out and enjoy the view. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve seen Chapman’s Peak Drive in movies, adverts or maybe already done it, it remains a piece of paradise on earth.

For Chapman’s Peak Drive it is worth setting a whole day aside so you have the time to enjoy the great outdoors. Take a picnic basket along in the car, and stop at one of the beautiful picnic spots.  It’s a perfect getaway from the busy city. During late winter and early spring, you even have the chance to spot Southern Right Whales.

There is an inserting history about Chapman’s Peak Drive. The first owner is Sir Frederic de Waal, the first administrator of Cape Province. In 1915 they started with working on the route and in 1922 it was officially opened. Due to the heavy rains during Winter there were many rock and landslides making it very dangerous for cars to use this route. But after some heavy construction and reinforcement Chapman’s Peak Drive was re-opened and recognised as one of the most innovative road construction projects ever in South Africa. In 2013, Chapman’s Peak Drive was reopened as a toll road.

Besides the many picnic areas that can be found  along the route, there is more to do. At the highest point you have a beautiful view over the harbour of Houtbay. There are also several hiking trails through Silvermine Nature Reserve and the Cape Peninsula National Park. Chapman’s Peak Drive is a popular photography and film location as the winding roads are very suitable for  expensive car commercials.

Please stick to the rules, they are there for a good reason: the maximum speed limit is 40km/h and don’t stop on the yellow lines as the narrow roads can be dangerous otherwise. Busses are only allowed to go through Chapman’s Peak Drive from Hout Bay to Noordhoek.