Family Saturday morning out!



For a leisurely Saturday morning for the entire family even the pets are welcome,  you can visit the Food and Wine market at Hermanusfontein. The location is breathtaking, the vineyard are ocated between the mountains. The farm is a haven for a variety of fauna, the most exciting being leopard, evidenced by spotted spoor. Duiker, reebok, cerval and baboon freely roam the land.

At this local hotspot, situated within a short distance from Hermanus, where you can taste  wonderful food and award winning wines of the region. Or find some ingredients to prepare a lovely meal in the afternoon. Every Saturday morning is the bakery busy to bake German-style bread. You can find the best cheese and charcuterie in Overberg at the market. Feel like Italian? Try Giuseppe, he cooks like his grandmother. You can’t get your veggies any fresher than at this market, because they grow their own veggies in Vermont.

The wine can be enjoyed in the cellars and the classy tasting room, where food can be tasted at one of the local stands which offer pancakes, pastries and savouries like  freshly baked sourdough bread, oysters on the half shell, quality cured meat, bacon and eggs, cannelloni and even legendary dolmades. The wine cellar is the wine cellar with the longest Afrikaans name in the world, it was first named in 1855. Through the years, they have their wine developed. Come taste the taste of long years of experience by yourself.

Children can spend their time running and playing around in the area.The yard is a nice and safe place where children play in the water while the old people sit and chat. We will not even try to start a miniature master chefs game. Too much stress on their small little shoulders – our idea is, for the kids to enjoy their youth.

Come and sit down at one of our picnic tables to start a nice relaxing weekend!!

The Winery and cellar can be found at the Hemel en Aarde Village, Hermanus and no tickets are needed. Opening time from 09h00 to 13h00.
For more information you can call: + 27 (0) 083 388 8239 or send an e-mail to: