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Cape Town is one of the best places to tour around in a car, sightseeing tours along the coastal roads, drive to the mountains for stunning views over the city. Renting a car is a good idea, so why shouldn’t you rent a nice and affordable car? This car is extremely good looking and fun to ride. The Volkswagen Beetle!

Why should you drive in this shapely culture pin-up?
First of all the car is reliable and easy to fix; ninety percent of the car is reparable. It’s a really old-fashioned work horse. It is quite an unusual experience cruising the streets of the Mother City in stand-out style which is way much better than cruising in an ordinary car. It is a whole lot of fun to drive a car like a Beetle. You can choose different colors and every car has his own nickname.

The Beetles are town cars if you are looking for a car to journey outside Cape Town we recommended one of Mazda Stings, Citi Golfs or VW polo 1s.

Cabrio & SP1600 Beetle (Prices are per day and rental must be for a minimum of 3 days):

1-6 days Beetle hire = R190
1-10 days Beetle hire = R178
1-13 days Beetle hire = R163
1-21 days Beetle hire = R137
1-25 days Beetle hire = R131

*Long-term rentals at R3250 per month, including a CD player.

Regular VW Beetles for rent in Cape Town (Prices are per day and rental must be for a minimum of 3 days)

1-6 days Beetle hire = R150
1-10 days Beetle hire = R137
1-13 days Beetle hire = R126
1-21 days Beetle hire = R112
1-25 days Beetle hire = R105

*Long-term rentals at R2800 per month, including a CD player.

For more information:
Phone: 073 442 4273
Email:   info@funcar.co.za