Things to do - general

Kommetjie is a village on the west coast of the Cape Penisula which has a peaceful and rural atmosphere. The nature is absolutely beautiful there, and it is a very popular destination for surfers. The inhabitants of Kommetjie are very protective about their nature, and when you go there you will immediately know why, it is absolutely amazing. It is the perfect place for you to experience the real holiday feeling, nothing you need to worry about, only enjoying everything Kommetjie has to offer you.

What to do

When you are in Kommetjie there is basically one thing that you must do, enjoy the gorgeous nature. Visit Long Beach, maybe go surfing or lay in the sun, it does not really matter what you will do, as long as you take the time to look around. Beside that you should just relax and feel the holiday vibe of the village.


When you are looking for a nice bar or a bite to eat, there are some places where you will find everything you need. You could visit British pub helmsman, Decks café, Fisherman’s Kommetjie, or The Green Room to mention a few.

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Kommetjie Beach House

An adorable three bedroom villa, Kommetjie Beach House More info

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