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When you decide to visit one of our lovely accommodations in the idyllic place of Llandudno you will not be sorry, this place will make sure you will get the ultimate holiday feeling with its lovely beaches and gorgeous nature. Because there are no street lights, you will have the most amazing view when looking up to the sky and its twinkling stars while in the background hearing the sound of the ocean. Furthermore the suburb is extremely safe since the place can only be entered by one road which is constantly monitored, and there is no commercial activity in the village, which means that there are no shops or restaurants to be found there. Luckily it is only a few minute drive away located from Hout bay where you will find everything varying from shops, restaurants and tourist attractions.

What to do

Llabdudno is nestled in a valley with the spectacle of the twelve Apostles Mountain range stretching all the way to Camps Bay. It is just a lovely place to relax while you are enjoying the beautiful view. For some restaurants or drinks you can visit Camps Bay. You could visit cafecaprice or blues.


Since Llandudno is a suburb, and as in most suburbs there usually is not much nightlife going on. In case you would like to have a fun night out, you could visit the famous V&A waterfront, or go to the popular Long Street located in the city center of Cape Town, the place where you can find all kinds of bars and clubs.

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